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At Serendipity Arabians
Khemo El Rosa


Khemo El Rosa
Domestic Arabian
Sire-Khemsoli(Khemosabi x Lily's Bey by Huckleberry Bey)
Dam-Midnite Khem Minuet(Khemosabi x Minuet El Rosa)
**Prospect For: English,Western
Pedigree great for breeding. She is very easy to work with. Leads, clips, bathes and loads. Very sweet personality, quiet temperment and willing to please. Tall, nice legs, gorgeous hip and head with tippy ears. Great tail carriage.Never refuses and never bucks.
FF Title:AmCh
FF Points:1045
FF Extra Points:120
FF Prize Money:$50.000
New Year Baby Show Filly Halter Champion.
Vanilla Fields Horseshoe Halter Show Best Color/Breed.
Vanilla Fields Horseshoe Race Champion Filly.
New Year Baby Show
Filly A-2nd.
Filly Halter-4th.
8" Weanling Jumping-5th.
20" Weanling Jumping-4th.
English Prospect Halter-5th.
Western Prospect Halter-1st.
Weanling Lunging-3rd.
Serendipity Show Halter
Fillies B-5th.
January Monthly Championships
Reserve Champions-22nd.
Serendipity February Show
Halter Age 1yr-3rd.
February  Monthly Championships
Vanilla Fields Vying For Gold Race
Filly's Race 1-5 Furlongs/Dirt A-4th.
Filly's Race 2-5 Furlongs/Turf A-2nd.
Filly's Race 3-6 Furlongs/Dirt C-3rd.
Filly's Race 4-6 Furlongs/Turf A-5th.
Filly's Race 5-7 Furlongs /Dirt C-5th.
Filly's Race 6-7 Furlongs/Turf C-5th.
Vanilla Fields Horseshoe Halter Show
Name Class B-10th.
Gender Filly Class D-10th.
Age 2yrs Class A-10th.
Breed Class Arabian B-1st.
Color Class Bay-1st.
Height Class 14.0hh/14.3hh A-2nd.
Vanilla Fields Horseshoe Race
Filly's Race 1-5 Furlongs/Dirt A-5th.
Filly's Race 2-5 Furlongs/Turf C-1st.
Filly's Race 3-6 Furlongs/Dirt B-1st.
Filly's Race 4-6 Furlongs/Turf B-6th.
Filly's Race 5-7 Furlongs/Dirt A-5th.
Filly's Race 6-7 Furlongs/Turf C-1st.
Huge Horse Expo Mixed Events
Halter C-3rd.
Pewter Oakes Rainbow Race
Filly's Race 1-5 Furlongs/Dirt C - 5th
Filly's Race 2-5 Furlongs/Turf C - 6th
Filly's Race 3-6 Furlongs/Dirt D - 3rd
Filly's Race 4-6 Furlongs/Turf C - 5th
Filly's Race 5-7 Furlongs /Dirt B - 3rd
Filly's Race 6-7 Furlongs/Turf B- 1st


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