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At Serendipity Arabians
Panama El Marya


Panama El Marya
Egyptian/Polish/Russian Arabian
Sire-Panama Bey(Huckleberry Bey x Pardon's Classic)
Dam-Parys El Marya( Parys El Jamaal x Marneya )
***Prospect For:Dressage.***
She is developing into a beautiful show quality horse. she is very spirited and playful.Marya has inherited her mother's sweet disposition, and her natural athletic tendancies.
FF Title:ICh
FF Points:1215
FF Extra Points:200
FF Prize Money:$10.000
Vanilla Fields Champion Halter Weanling Cup.
Pewter Oakes Rainbow Race Best.
New Year Baby Show
Weanling Halter A-3rd.
Filly Halter-6th.
12" Weanling Jumping-2nd.
16" Weanling Jumping-1st.
Dressage Prospect Halter-3rd.
Weanling Lunging-5th.
Vanilla Fields Weanling Halter Show  
January Monthly Championships
Reserve Champions-17th.
Vanilla Fields 2nd Weanling Halter Show
Class Gender Filly A-1st.
Breed Class Arabian A-1st.
Colour Class Bay A-3rd.
Serendipity February Show
Halter Age Weanling B-1st.
Colour Grey-4th.
Vanilla Fields 4th Weanling Halter Show
Names A/-4th.
Gender Filly A-3rd.
Weanling B/-4th
Breed Arabian A-2nd.
Colour Bay-2nd.
Vanilla Fields Vying For Gold Race
Filly's Race 1-5 Furlongs/Dirt B-6th.
Filly's Race 2-5 Furlongs/Turf A-6th.
Filly's Race 3-6 Furlongs/Dirt A-5th.
Filly's Race 4-6 Furlongs/Turf A-6th.
Filly's Race 5-7 Furlongs/Dirt B-5th.
Filly's Race 6-7 Furlongs/Turf B-6th.
Vanilla Fields Horseshoe Halter Show
Name Class A-1st.
Gender Filly Class B-6th.
Age 2yrs Class A-3rd.
Breed Class Arabian B-2nd.
Color Class Bay-4th.
Height Class 15.0hh/15.3hh B-6th.
Vanilla Fields Horseshoe Race
Filly's Race 1-5 Furlongs/Dirt C-6th.
Filly's Race 2-5 Furlongs/Turf C-6th.
Filly's Race 3-6 Furlongs/Dirt B-4th.
Filly's Race 4-6 Furlongs/Turf C-6th.
Filly's Race 5-7 Furlongs/Dirt B-5th.
Filly's Race 6-7 Furlongs/Turf B-4th.
Pewter Oakes Rainbow Race
Filly's Race 1-5 Furlongs/Dirt D- 5th.
Filly's Race 2-5 Furlongs/Turf C- 1st.
Filly's Race 3-6 Furlongs/Dirt D- 1st.
Filly's Race 4-6 Furlongs/Turf B- 2nd.
Filly's Race 5-7 Furlongs /Dirt B- 4th.
Filly's Race 6-7 Furlongs/Turf A- 6th.


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