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At Serendipity Arabians
M Farasha Spirit


M Farasha Spirit
4 yrs
Spanish Arabian
15 hh
Halter,Liberty,English Equition,Engilsh Pleasure
Sire:Espirite (*El Shaklan x Aladdinn daughter)
Dam: Bey Farasha
Bred at Mystic Oaks, this filly has been handled since birth, and what a pleasure it's been! Farasha is very affectionate and friendly, but also very spirited. Her energy is bound to wear off as she gets older and has more training, and then she'll be a delightful show horse or broodmare!
FF Points:820
Extra Points:50
Prize Money:$70.000
Vanilla Fields Vying For Gold Race Champion Mare.
Vanilla Fields Horseshoe Race Best.
Pewter Oakes Rainbow Race Champion Mare.
Serendipity Show Halter
Age 3yrs-2nd.
Serendipity February Show
Halter Age 3yr-1st.
Vanilla Fields Vying For Gold Race
Mares Race 1-8 Furlongs/Dirt-2nd.
Mares Race 2-8 Furlongs/Turf-2nd.
Mares Race 3-9 Furlongs/Dirt-2nd.
Mares Race 4-9 Furlongs/Turf-1st.
Mares Race 5-10 Furlongs/Dirt-1st.
Mares Race 6-10- Furlongs/Turf-1st.
Vanilla Fields Horseshoe Race
Mares Race 1-8 Furlongs/Dirt-3rd.
Mares Race 2-8 Furlongs/Turf-2nd.
Mares Race 3-9 Furlongs/Dirt-1st.
Mares Race 4-9 Furlongs/Turf-2nd.
Mares Race 5-10 Furlongs/Dirt-3rd.
Mares Race 6-10- Furlongs/Turf-1st.
Huge Horse Expo Mixed Events
Halter A -4th
Pewter Oakes Rainbow Race
Mares Race 1-8 Furlongs/Dirt- 2nd
Mares Race 2-8 Furlongs/Turf- 1st
Mares Race 3-9 Furlongs/Dirt- 1st
Mares Race 4-9 Furlongs/Turf- 2nd
Mares Race 5-10 Furlongs/Dirt- 1st
Mares Race 6-10- Furlongs/Turf- 2nd


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