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At Serendipity Arabians
Khandy Khorn


Khandy Khorn
Domestic Arabian
Halter, All Western,All English
Dam-Bey's Brandy
Khandy Khorn is a lovely daughter of the great, immortal Khemosabi //+++! She is sure to make an excellent broodmare, and has already proven herself many times in the showring with Zala. She's got exceptionaly confirmation, is very beautiful, loves attention, is flashy, really showy, and is a big flirt with the boys! This girl will only be bred to the best; because her pedigree is one of the best! Watch for fantastic foals out of this beautiful girl in the future!

1~Princess Khemo(filly)
FF Title:GCh
FF Points:2115
FF Extra Points:100
FF Prize Money:$21,000
Keri's Western Pleasure Show Champion.
Huge Horse Expo Mixed Events Western Champion.
Western Pleasure Show The Show Champion.
Serendipity Show Halter
Mares A-4th.
English Pleasure Amatuer-1st.
Western Pleasure Amatuer-2nd.
January Monthly Championships
Reserve Champions-12th.
Serendipity February Show
Halter Age 7yr-2nd.
Gender Mares A-3rd.
English Pleasure Amatuer-1st.
English Pleasure Training Lvl Novice-1st.
Western Pleasure Amatuer-1st.
Barrel Racing Gender Open-2nd
Barrel Racing Gender Mare-1st.
Barrel Racing Time 1 Minute-1st.
Barrel Racing Time 2 Minutes-2nd.
Barrel Racing Time 3 Minutes-1st.
Barrel Racing Time 4 Minutes-2nd.
Barrel 1-1st.
Barrel 2-2nd.
Barrel 3-2nd.
Barrel 4-2nd.
Barrel 5-1st.
Barrel 6-1st.
Barrel 7-1st.
Barrel 8-2nd.
Serendipity Western Show
Halter Arabians-2nd.
Western Pleasure Amatuer-2nd.
Barrel Racing Gender Open-5th.
Barrel Racing Gender Mare-1st.
Barrel Racing Time 1 min-2nd.
Barrel Racing Time 2 min-4th.
Barrel Racing Time 3 min-3rd.
Barrel Racing Time 4 min-1st.
Barrel Racing Time 5 min-2nd.
Barrel Racing Time 6 min-3rd.
Barrel Racing Time 7 min-2nd.
Barrel Racing/1 Barrel-1st.
Barrel Racing/2 Barrel-2nd.
Barrel Racing/3 Barrel-6th.
Barrel Racing/4 Barrel-4th.
Barrel Racing/5 Barrel-4th.
Barrel Racing/6 Barrel-3rd.
Barrel Racing/7 Barrel-3rd.
Barrel Racing/8 Barrel-4th.
Barrel Racing/9 Barrel-5th.
Barrel Racing/10 Barrel-2nd.
Serendipity English Show
English Pleasure Amatuer-1st.
English Equition Amatuer-1st.
Dressage Lvl 2-1st.
Dressage Mares-2nd.
Keri's Western Pleasure Show
Other Breed Western Halter/Mares/Geldings-1st.
Walk/Jog Western Pleasure-3rd.
Walk/Jog/Lope Western Pleasure-1st.
Western Country Pleasure/Walk/Trot/Canter-2nd.
Huge Horse Expo Mixed Events
Barrel Racing - 1st
Calf Roping - 2nd
Cutting - 1st
Pole Bending - 2nd
Reining - 2nd
Western Pleasure - 4th
Hunt Seat Pleasure - 6th
Hunt Seat Equitation - 1st
Hunter Course A - 6th
Jumping A - 2nd
Western Pleasure Show
Other Breed Western Halter Mare - 1st
Walk/Jog Western Pleasure - 3rd
Walk/Jog/Lope Western Pleasure - 1st
Western Country Pleasure (Walk, Trot, Canter) - 2nd


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