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At Serendipity Arabians
Red Day

Red Day
2 yrs
Halter,Flat Racing
Sire-Red glare(
Irish Glare x  Dublin Sweetheart)
Dam-may day(Razzigo(Northern Dancer x Corieco)
x Crash Landing(Bomers x Ocean Parrie)
FF Points:800
Extra points:100
Prize Money:$55.000

Meadow Dream Moonlight Show Best Of Height.
Vanilla Fields Vying For Gold Race Champion Colt.

He is very much a people horse and he's so affectionate, really the kind of horse that you wouldn't mind sharing your house with.

 Meadow Dream Moonlight Show
Gender Colt-1st.
Color Chestnut-2nd.
Age 2yrs-1st.
Height 16.1hh-1st.
Breed Thoroughbred B-3rd.
Basic Movements B-1st.

Vanilla Fields Vying For Gold Race
Colts Race 1-5 Furlongs/Dirt-1st.
Colts Race 2-5 Furlongs/Turf-4th.
Colts Race 3-6 Furlongs/Dirt-1st.
Colts Race 4-6 Furlongs/Turf-1st.
Colts Race 5-7 Furlongs /Dirt-4th.
Colts Race 6-7 Furlongs/Turf-2nd.

Equestrian Dreams Thoroughbred Races
2 year old Colt Maiden/5 Fulongs(Dirt)-1st.

Huge Horse Expo Mixed Events
1 Mile Race Dirt - 5th

Pewter Oakes Rainbow Race
Colts Race 1-5 Furlongs/Dirt B- 4th
Colts Race 2-5 Furlongs/Turf B- 4th
Colts Race 3-6 Furlongs/Dirt A- 6th
Colts Race 4-6 Furlongs/Turf B- 3rd
Colts Race 6-7 Furlongs/Turf B- 1st


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