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Quartet Arabians
Shabab Jamal


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Shabab Jamal
Straight Egyptian Arabian
Halter,Western Pleasure,Barrel Racing,Pole Bending.
(Thee Desperado x Ali jamila)
Shabab has a gentle and shy nature. He loves to be outside in his paddock and just laze around under the trees. Sometimes I think that he goes off into his own little dream world. He just stares off into the distance and goes totally spacey until I say his name or pet him.
Shabab has a careful way of going, he seems to make sure that each foot goes down in exactly the right place. He has beautiful natural tail carriage and always carries his head just right. I've never seen a horse so careful of his feet and so willing to please. He's a real special boy!
Shabab Jamal shows in  Western  and Halter when decent shows for him to enter are found. Shabab has been shown to garner top honors. He was a 2001 National Top Ten Futurity Stallion, in a very deep class of national contenders, taking on all comers. At the Egyptian Event, he was Champion, World Class Colts of 1998 and Champion, Futurity Colts of 1998. Shabab's mainly been shown in halter, but with his smooth gaits and nice movements, I will be showing him in pleasure more often.
Shabab Jamal has been repeatedly producing amazing offspring who are sure to dazzle the judges in any show ring. They've all seemed to inherit their sire's excellent disposition and conformation, which suits us just fine!

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Show Record
4th - Western Pleasure - MJSB
2nd - 4-6 y/o Halter - MJSB
5th - Arabian Halter - Star Dream Stables
6th - Bay Halter - Star Dream Stables
5th - Stallion Halter - Star Dream Stables
1st - Bay 8 y/o Halter - AA Halter Classics
Ch - Division B 8 yr olds - AA Halter Classics
3rd - Bay Color Halter - BRS Stallion Show
2nd - Western Pleasure Type - BRS Stallion Show
5th - Stallion Halter - Carrots Inc Shows
1st - Class 100 - Winged All Horses Show Halter
14th - Reserve Champion Titles
Top Ten 8 Year Olds - IAHC

National Top Ten Futurity Stallion 2001
Egyptian Event Champion, World Class Stallion of 1998
Egyptian Event Champion, Futurity Stallion of 1998.
2002 Reserve Champion of Division B Senior Championships, AA Halter Classics
Winged All Horses Show Stallions Champion
50,000 + 200pts