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Quartet Arabians
*Somber Eyes


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*Somber Eyes
Straight Egyptian Arabian
Halter,Dressage,English Pleasure,Hunter
(The Minstril x Ansata Kaden)
Somber is a very high strung and playful stallion. He rarely stops moving and is a true 'drinker of the wind'. His favourite thing to do is run. He'll spend hours in his paddock, running in circles, along each fence line, changing leads or speeds, and just bucking. He has an amazing source of energy, I get tired just watching him. Somber is his father's son undoubtedly! A total The Minstril look alike and I think he'll have the same qualities as a sire.
Somber has a beautiful way of going. With his long legs and well set quarters, he always looks very leisurely and relaxed, no matter how fast he's traveling. He's very easy to sit, even bareback. Despite his high strung nature, he is well behaved under saddle, and rarely spooks or bucks, only once in awhile to keep his rider from falling asleep.
*Somber Eyes shows in English events and Halter when decent shows for him to enter are found. Somber's forte is Halter, with his long legs and neck, showy movement, and clean way of going, he captures every audience's heart. Somber doesn't seem to care who he's performing for, he always puts his whole heart into what he's doing.
*Somber Eyes has been siring foals with long legs and necks, clean throat latches, and beautiful heads. His foals are showing promise in many different areas, proving that he is a sire of versatile horses.

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Show Record
1st - Stallion Halter - MJSB
3rd - 4-6 y/o Halter - MJSB
4th - Stallion Halter - Birch Garden
3rd - Open Showmanship - MOAS
3rd - Arabian Halter - WNG Showing
2nd - Arabian Halter - Star Dream Stables
3rd - Bay Halter - Star Dream Stables
3rd - Stallion Halter - Star Dream Stables
3rd - Bay 9 y/o Halter - AA Halter Classics
1st - Stallion Halter - Carrots Inc Shows
Top Ten 8 Year Olds - IAHC
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                                   |Ruminaja Ali
                                            |Bint Magidaa
                           |The Minstril
                                            |Ibn Galal
*Somber Eyes
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