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Zamira Arabians
Pimlico RCA


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Pimlico RCA
Straight Egyptian Arabian
Halter,English Pleasure,Trail
Pimlico RCA has the quiet but friendly personality that we look for when considering stallions for our facility. He's a steady mount despite being a stallion and we've used him in ponying the young horses on trail rides. He does get a little excited around mares, especially those in heat, but he's never aggressive and I don't have qualms about turning him out with our other stallions.
Pimlico has a slightly different type than most of our stallions. Instead of the elegant, refined type, Pimlico is more built. He has a wide chest, legs that are porportioned equally to the rest of his body, a shorter, muscled neck, and a long topline. This conformation is not neccessarily sought after in the Arabian breed, but I think Pimlico's larger build may have a good influence on our tiny, slight mares. I am really looking forward to his first crop of foals, which should make excellent working or endurance horses.

We are very proud to own this stallion and hope to have him continue in his winning ways. He has remained unshown for the last couple years, being used expressivly in the breeding shed, but we are planning on showing him more in the near future. Pimlico has a very smooth and tightly muscled body, which, along with his classic head and animated movement, have earned him his place in the show ring and captured the judges' scores. He currently has 8,610 points from showing both before and during our ownership.

Foals Sired By Pimlico RCA
M Pimlico Rose[ MO]Filly]
M Luna Shaar[MO]Filly]
M Seductive Kayem[MO]Filly]
M Pimloco Quamer[Margaret]Colt]
M Pound Of Misterie[MO]Filly]
M Kasim Ganzal[MO]Filly]
FA Stas Jasmine Pimlica[Equas_Lover]Filly]

                                                                  |Ruminaja Ali
                                           |The Minstril
                       |Thee Desperado
                                                                  |The Egyptian Prince
                                         |AK Amiri Asmarr
        Pimlico RCA
                                                                   |*Ibn Moniet El Nefous 
                       |*Bint Bint Jamil 



2nd - 1k Pointage - WNG Showing
6th - Arabian Halter - WNG Showing
3rd - Stallion Halter - WNG Showing
7th - Arabian Halter - Star Dream Stables
1st - Bay 7 y/o Halter - AA Halter Classics
Champion - Division B 7 yr olds - AA Halter Classics
3rd - Section C Halter - Foxwood Farm Show Board
5th - Stallion Halter B - Allsim Arena
2nd  - 1998+ B - Allsim Arena
1st - Colour Bay A - Allsim Arena
9th - Stallion Halter May - MOAS

1998 Egyptian Even Breeders Challenge, Top Five
1999 Egyptian Event World Class Championship, Top Five
1999 Reserve Junior Champion, Fort Worth Pro Am Challenge
1999 Grand Champion Stallion, State Fair of Texas
2000 Reserve Grand Champion & Reserve Senior Champion Stallion, GCAHC Christmas Show
2002 Champion of Division B Intermediate Championships, AA Halter Classics
2003 Allsim Arena Runner Up Bay Campion