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Zamira Arabians
About Us
Show Horses


The horses are living in modern stables with plenty of light and air; the farm includes about 125 acres of pasture and a few sand paddocks. Our horses is very successful at shows We aim to breed a typey, correct Arabian horse with plenty of action and especially a sweet, people-loving disposition. A horse that is easy to ride and willing to perform.

They are each precious and hold a special place within our hearts. Each morning when the door is rolled open I can recognize each of their delighted whinnies. I say "Good morning !" and I am again answered with eager neighs. They show so much gratitude for what we give them. And I to am pleased and feel comforted when I hear them happily munching their oats and hay. Going out to play is their next big event. The barn fills with anxious whinnies and stomping feet until you open the door with a halter in hand. To hear and watch them romp around the huge pastures, flipping their heads, bucking high and kicking out with wonderful excitement is so glorious to behold.This is the horse paradise, every horse is treated in royalty. When the sun begins to come down and the pastures are caressed in a soft sunlight,the herd of mares begin to make their journey to the gate. We greet each one of them with delicious treats and a halter and lead in hand whenever they are ready to come in. each behaving very well. Again, the sound of them happily eating brings a smile to my face, and I know I can sleep well tonight To witness the love and bond between mother and foal is priceless above all other experiences. I love to see them nicker to each other and create a bonded relationship. And when mamma stands to lick her new born baby I get lost in thoughts of what she is thinking. Then as I look and smile at the foal while it is getting frustrated to find 'the faucet', images of the future start running through my mind. My thoughts wander to the many days they have to romp in the sunshine, then I ponder possibilities of each stage of its youth and even on into the future show ring. As I see what an awesome new creature stands proudly before me, I get eager with excitement and I have a hard time waiting for what the future holds So, until then, it is the mothers job to nurture and teach this young horse so it will be well behaved and know how to use that arabian blood and characteristics to reach its full potential. Each of our great mares love their babies and especially enjoy showing them off to let the world see what a great and marvelous treasure they have created.

There is nothing more treasured to us than an arabain mare. Her eyes that see your soul. Her lips that tickle your ears. Her tail carried high and proud. When you place your hand on her you feel a connection to her somehow. Her neck arched as a swan gliding over the water. Soft and gentle is her touch. She floats along the ground like an angle with wings. When she quietly stands and breathes very softly, I know that she understands all of my thoughts, sad and joyful. And she is dedicated to please us and to show us every day she is special. Truly, mares are a blessing from heaven.

Written By Leslie Cook





I do not accept any responsibilities for real horses or real money. This is strictly a sim game, therefore simulated and its not real. If You find a Photo that is yours email Me at and i will take it down ASAP or i can give credit.