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Zamira Arabians
*Sonoma Lady


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*Sonoma Lady
1988 Steel Grey Mare Egyptian Arabian 15hh
Halter, English Pleasure

                    |KJ Jordgee Boy
*Sonoma Lady 
                         |Princess Ann

*Dakar El Jamaal

A mare stands in a pasture. She hears you coming, and pricks her ears. Carefully she steps gracefully towards you, arching her neck, peering at you through beautiful intelligent eyes. You reach out your hand to her, adn she snorts on it and prances back. Grinning, you hold out your other hand, she sniffes it and nudges it, looking for treats or something. Not having anything with you, you touch her muzzle, and she smacks her lips. Not wanting to be bitten, you run your hand along her neck. She postions herself you you can scratch her hindquarters, while she enjoys the disapearing sun. Lady is a mare who has a taste for luxury. But she isn't spoiled, just smart. She thinks, that she works hard (and she truly does), and therefore she deserves everyones complete anttention, and so the strutts around demanding it, although she's a bit shy around strangers. It doesn't take long for her to get over it though, she just nudges them into petting or scratching her, or feeding her treats. She is so outgoing after a while it's hard to believe she's shy to begin with!