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Zamira Arabians
The Infamous


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The Infamous
Straight Egyptian Arabian

The Infamous has a very fiery and independent nature. He would not intentionally hurt someone, but his playful antics get pretty out of hand sometimes and his handlers must never forget that he is a stallion. The only stallion at Zarmia to be this aggressive, he's kept away from the other stallions.
Infamous doesn't get along with other horses well, and has never fully accepted a saddle. His nature is not naturally aggressive, but rough and insensitive handing as a young horse has made him wary of humans.
Using the training tactics used on all their horses, at Mystic Oaks have been able to redo much of the past damage done to Infamous. With his beautiful movements and perfect conformation, nobody can stand to have him go to waste.
Infamous is a full brother to champion stallion, BB Thee Renegade, and with his bloodlines, a little bit of spoiled behaviour can be withstood. Infamous is an easy breeder, as long as he's not with the mare long. We will never be able to paddock breed him, as we do with most of our stallions, but being hand bred is a lot easier on him, the mare, and his handeres.
The Infamous shows in Halter classes only. He's not an easy horse to ride, and showing him under saddle is just not an option. I unfortunately have not kept a show record for him, but he currently has 76,541 points, as well as 1996 Egyptian Supreme Champion Stallion tucked under his belt. Infamous has always been a favourite of the judges' because of the way his fiery nature affects his performance, movement and stance. Infamous also has awesome gaits, especially in lunging classes. Despite his difficult nature, Infamous is very independent and loves to show off.

Stud Fee:$2500
To Arabians Only

Foals Sired By The Infamous
Ansata Infamous -   -    -   -   -    - [Colt]MO]
The Gloriette  -   -    -   -   -    - [filly]MO]
M The Mint -   -    -   -   -    - [filly]MO]
M The Dutchess  -   -    -   -   -    - [filly]MO]
Famaka Apal KL  -   -    -   -   -    - [filly]MO]
M The Effect  -   -    -   -   -    - [filly]MO]
M The Declaration -   -    -   -   -    - [Colt]Margaret]
M The Infamous Jamaal -   -    -   -   -    - [Colt] MO]
M The Simmer -   -    -   -   -    - [Filly]Margaret]
The Infamous Queen Zarinna  -   -    -   -   -    - [filly]POB]
Sha famous  -   -    -   -   -    - [filly]POB]
Thee Jasmine Safina -   -    -   -   -    - [filly]Equus_Lover]

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                                                       |The Minstril        
                             |Thee Desperado 
                                                                   |The Egyptian Prince
                                                       |AK Amiri Asmarr
  The Infamous   
                                                       |*Lancers Sahm
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                                                                 | Aroufina


About His Sire
Desperado has been embraced by Arabian breeders of all bloodlines. Many great Polish, Russian and Spanish mare owners are breeding their very best to Thee Desperado. The outcross is fabulous, and these Egyptian related foals are winning championships from coast to coast. Desperado's straight Egyptian sons and daughters have been exported to every corner of the world and are proving to be exciting young sires and brood mares.Thee Desperado himself is an impressive athlete. He is ridden 3 to 4 days a week and enjoys every moment.His Owers are looking forward to his young sons and daughters' future performance careers as well as their destiny as fierce halter competitors.Routinely we receive reports from mare owners who produce their first Desperado foals. They say they just can't believe their temperaments. Most are described as comedians. Desperado's foals are the tallest, leggiest babies The've ever produced, beautiful short backs, long necks and his trade mark beautiful face.
  • 1994 US Reserve National Champion Stallion
  • 1994 Scottsdale Unanimous Grand Champion Stallion
  • 1994 Region 9 Grand Champion Stallion
  • 1993 US and Canadian Top Ten Open Stallions
  • 1992 Egyptian Event, Jr. Champion Colt
    • 1995-1997 Egyptian Event Leading Sire of halter champions
    • 1998-2000 Egyptian Event Overall Leading Sire
    • Sire of numerous US and Canadian National Champions, and numerous International Champions
    • 1997 Juvenile sire of the year




8th - Senior Stallion Halter - Sim Arabian Event
2nd - 9yrs+ Halter - Lucia Festival
4th - Stallion B Halter - Lucia Festival
2nd - Breed Halter - Lucia Festival
5th - Bay Halter - Lucia Festival
5th - Age Halter - IKA's Monthly Show
2nd - Colour Halter  - IKA's Monthly Show
5th - Stallion Halter  - IKA's Monthly Show
2nd - Arabian Halter- IKA's Monthly Show
9th - Section B Halter - Foxwood Farm Show Board
3rd - 1998+ B - Allsim Arena
6th -  Colour Bay A - Allsim Arena
11th - Stallion Halter May - MOAS

The Age 1998+ Runner Up Champion May 2003
Longe Line 6yrs to 10yrs Reserve Champion At SS Show Board